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When you need a Junction plumber you do well to give us a call for fast, friendly, professional, and local service. Our Junction plumbers are top-notch and available around the clock, 365 days a year to serve expert plumbing drain, pipe, appliance, and fixture repair, maintenance, and installation service. With a team local to the area we can arrive quickly and get the job taken care of for the long-term quickly and effectively. In our nearly thirty year history as an emergency plumbing company, there have been a wide variety of plumbing issues to deal with and we have done so successfully at all times.

Our pricing for a local Junction plumber is always going to be a flat-rate one-time charge with no overtime rates, no fuel, and travel charges, and nothing is ever hidden to surprise you in the cost. Actually, the final cost will be provided to you right away just as soon as our Junction plumbers get to your location and in writing. It's the best situation for you because a one-time cost means the job will get done right while we're there the first time regardless of the length of time it takes. So you can be confident that we're there to uphold our professional standard of work and not simply to add up hours to the cost.

When you have a plumbing emergency initially the best thing to do is turn off the water to your home or business. That will keep things as they are and prevent the issue from becoming any worse. Our Junction plumber knows that these emergency situations cannot wait so our being local help and we can respond much quicker than other companies. After you have shut down the water main supply at your location call us next and our friendly dispatch agent will have the next service call be yours and our top priority.

Our commitment and dedication to providing a smooth, healthy customer service experience are another key reason to hire our Junction plumber to get the job done. You will witness this first-hand because our Junction plumbers are all quality people with a friendly, relatable attitude and a polite, courteous service demeanor. It's valuable from a customer point of view and we appreciate it as it's significant as a company also.

The combination of our fair prices, friendly service, expert workmanship, preparedness, and local 24/7 availability simply make our Junction plumber a smart choice when it is time for plumbing service at your home or business. We provide residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing and have done so successfully. It's because of the word of mouth referrals and repeat business which comes from this combination of factors which enables to thrive and ensure our customers are all happy with a long-term plumbing solution enough to share with family and friends. Please call us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Why Choose EmergencyPlumber.ca?

Local Plumber 24/7 - EmergencyPlumber.caEmergencyPlumber.ca Check 7No Hourly Fees - There are several advantages to choosing our local plumbers who offer flat-rate pricing. Based on our Toronto plumbers passion and commitment to professional workmanship you know we will stay until the job is complete successfully. If the job takes a bit longer than originally planned it is because we want our solution to get done right and not simply because we are on the clock.

EmergencyPlumber.ca Check 7Exact, Upfront Pricing - Our Toronto plumber will use our price book to determine the cost and create a detailed outline for you with the scope and total cost of the job before we get started. This way you will be completely comfortable during our visit knowing that it will get done right the first time and for the long-term. There are no overtime charges, no hidden fees, and no charges for our travel time.

EmergencyPlumber.ca Check 8Fast Response Times - Our efficient, friendly dispatcher will ensure they send the closest, local Toronto plumber to you as quickly as they can. During regular conditions, our local experts will be at your home or business within forty-eight hours. During busy times of the year, or if we need to order a specialty part it can cause the service call to take more time but you can trust we genuinely care to get there as fast as possible.

EmergencyPlumber.ca Check 9Priority Service Calls - Toronto plumbing emergencies are our top priority. We understand that they can become a serious health and safety issue for your family and home. Let us know that it is a real emergency and our local plumber will arrive at your home or business within twenty-four hours. Should you have a serious plumbing emergency first turn off the water supply then give us a call. Please know that priority services will require a credit card upfront.

EmergencyPlumber.ca Check 10Local Plumbers - When you rely on us for Toronto plumbing service you are getting a local plumber in your city or area. This way you get the fastest response time possible by a local expert who knows the area. With local plumbers in more than one hundred neighborhoods, towns, and cities in the Greater Toronto Area you can rest assured that our experienced team can fix your plumbing problem in no time at all.

EmergencyPlumber.ca Check 11Equipped Work Vehicles - Our company trucks and vans are fully equipped with all of the specialized, professional brand name supplies and materials required to get the job done on our first visit. It is very rare that it is necessary to order parts not on hand but if we do we can have it ordered and on the way within a day. Expect our Toronto plumbers to show up clean, organized and ready to work.

EmergencyPlumber.ca Check 13Open 24 Hours A Day – Mon-Sun 12:00am – 12:00pm.

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